Update from Psych Ward

I just got out of solitary confinement. I was 17 hours in there. Because all weekend I was figuratively assaulted and physically touched in many uncomfortable ways by a female patient who thinks she’s Jesus Christ, a personal friend of Adolf Hitler, etc. She’s terrifying everyone, especially me, and the nurse staff keep tolerating it. So on my first 3hr pass, I found the bravery to dial 911 from my…

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The Best Part of the Day When You are Bipolar Depressed

If you have been depressed for two years, you probably doubt whether you will ever get feeling better. Patience is difficult. Your friends tell you about CBT and prescription medications that are helping with their depression, but you are too aware that bipolar depression is more organic and resistant to CBT, and that you are not allowed certain anti-depressant dosages since you are bipolar. It is important to not add…

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Common Misunderstandings about People with Bipolar Disorder


This has taken too long to type up. I will add more when I can. If we seem okay lately (and even say so), that does not mean that we are necessarily doing or feeling well.Many of us have unconsciously developed tremendous skills at hiding our pain, probably due to feelings of guilt, a need to be perceived as ‘normal,’ and a fear of how others might exasperate our problems…

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