New Diagnosis—BPD comorbid BD

Yesterday, I found out that in the psyche ward, borderline personality disorder was added to my diagnoses. I have hurt feelings now. 😉 But seriously, it’s unfortunate that I was informed by a social worker instead of by a doctor. Now I’m wondering whether I’m just BPD, or BPD + BD. Either way, I’ll be getting the meds and the DBT now. I’m still confused though.

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I Haven’t Been Getting Out Much


Why have I been having a hard time showing up at church or driving to the grocery store? My mood instability and PTSD symptoms are all over the map due to a reduction of clonazepam (more reducing to come), and reactionary increases in antipsychotic meds. I’m not the only person going through this. My psychiatrist says I’m doing better than most of his other bipolar patients in the clonazepam pickle.…

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The Heathy Safe Clean Inexpensive way to Use Tobacco

Tobacco and Catnip (a mint herb) are helping to calm my Tourette, OCD, and convulsions while withdrawing from Clonazepam. Did you know that you can take your used grinds and make tea, maximizing what you extract from these herbs? With the Cannabis herb, you need to simmer your used grinds in canola oil, strain it with cheesecloth, and cook with it, since it isn’t soluble in water. Don’t cook above…

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