I just got out of solitary confinement. I was 17 hours in there. Because all weekend I was figuratively assaulted and physically touched in many uncomfortable ways by a female patient who thinks she’s Jesus Christ, a personal friend of Adolf Hitler, etc. She’s terrifying everyone, especially me, and the nurse staff keep tolerating it. So on my first 3hr pass, I found the bravery to dial 911 from my house. The RCMP officer liked me, because of course I cooperate when I feel safe. He did not even cuff me.
But the ‘official’ story is that I went crazy manic and was brought in by cops. (Even tho I’m the one who phoned the RCMP). So I ended up in the locked room for 17hrs, where the nurses refused to let me have my baby doll Simon or make a phone call. So, I was still crazy. I’m out now, but the psychopath patient is still here, and I’m still scared. I’m back to level 1 (“high risk”). I’m so scared, it’s like Orwellian 1984. She’s breaking every rule on the psych ward but she’s running free inside and outside, with her germs and street drugs, and the nurses are tolerating it despite their stop sign that says it won’t be tolerated.

Psalm 143 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

(A psalm by David.)

Listen, Lord, as I pray!
You are faithful and honest
and will answer my prayer.
I am your servant.
Don’t try me in your court,
because no one is innocent
by your standards.
My enemies are chasing me,
crushing me in the ground.
I am in total darkness,
like someone long dead.
I have given up all hope,
and I feel numb all over.

I remember to think about
the many things
you did
in years gone by.
Then I lift my hands in prayer,
because my soul is a desert,
thirsty for water from you.

Please hurry, Lord,
and answer my prayer.
I feel hopeless.
Don’t turn away
and leave me here to die.
Each morning let me learn
more about your love
because I trust you.
I come to you in prayer,
asking for your guidance.

Please rescue me
from my enemies, Lord!
I come to you for safety.
You are my God. Show me
what you want me to do,
and let your gentle Spirit
lead me in the right path.

Be true to your name, Lord,
and keep my life safe.
Use your saving power
to protect me from trouble.
I am your servant.
Show how much you love me
by destroying my enemies.