I wrote this in October 2013, when a friend of mine took his life. 🙁

Hello Bipolar,

We’ve met before.

You took a man, a man better than me,
You think that this gives you some victory?

Your goal is the grave, but you forgot,
You missed the mark, is that all you’ve got?

King Jesus is conqueror of death and grave,
Through all that He was and all that He gave.

You can’t take those who were placed in his hands,
No, not even death could hold Him in its bands.

You lost when you bound our friend in your cord,
You lost when you shook your fist at our Lord.

Satan laughed when he saw Christ on the cross,
What a fool for supposing that God had lost.

You think you’ve got power, but you grope through the air,
While God keeps His children deep in his care.

Have all your glory—your flash in the pan!
Do all that you will, do all that you can,
It won’t be long now before it is o’er,
The Lord will return and finish this war.

Then those who are pure, cleansed in his blood,
will judge this darkness, this filth and this mud,
that threatened his children, his Bride, his few,
while He kept them safe, far away from you.

To God be glory, be honor, be praise,
We’ll trust and obey him, all of our days.

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