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Hi Paul…. Just checking in with you. You have come up a few times in the last couple of weeks on my screen, so I think that means I ought to touch base with you. One comment I do want to make is… When I see your posts about the challenges of bi-polar, I want to encourage you. Please see bi-polar as a very special gift from God. I believe you are extra sensitive to energies, which also makes you more intuitive when you learn how to tap into the gift of it. I know for my son, his anxiety felt like a curse until he began to understand that it was actually a gift. What we sometimes think of as a “thorn in our side” can be the greatest blessing. It is usually the most tender-hearted amongst us that feel the most deeply, therefore, tend to mentally suffer the most, until they learn to flip it and use this gift as intended. My son still feels very deeply, but now he knows what he has to do to protect himself from taking on these lower energies (negativity around us and in us), and because of this, he has been there for so many people. On the flip side, I believe he feels more high vibration joy and love than most of us do, especially more so since he went off his medication*. He found that the meds dulled his senses, therefore dulled his potential. Medication kept him from feeling the lows, but also kept him from experiencing the highs. He is now so aware of the slightest prodding from God… is very much in tune with Him. I know you also have a deep connection with God. I originally had a chapter in my book about the Law of Polarity, which included bi-polar.. I took it out just before publishing because I felt that it was a book all on its own, and it just didn’t quite fit … maybe some day. Anyway, good days to you, Paul. Not sure when we will see you again, maybe the next family reunion… Take care, Love your cuz, Lori

*Please note that I do not advocate for anyone to go off their medications without professional counselling. For my son, meds brought him back up to his necessary base level, where he could then begin the process of tapping into a much higher universal power that is available to all, which my book explains more of…

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