Stigma Against People with Bipolar Disorder—Medications, Diagnoses, and Language

Four products I use to fight seroquel side effects.

With an illness that is volatile and unpredictable by definition/diagnosis, it isn’t as simple as “just take your pills in the blister pack, like I take my little heart pills.” Yes, I try to faithfully take my meds in the blister pack, and on schedule. But it’s not enough, and it’s not that simple. I’m trying to be proactive about my health, especially for my own safety. So, for example,…

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New Diagnosis—BPD comorbid BD

Yesterday, I found out that in the psyche ward, borderline personality disorder was added to my diagnoses. I have hurt feelings now. 😉 But seriously, it’s unfortunate that I was informed by a social worker instead of by a doctor. Now I’m wondering whether I’m just BPD, or BPD + BD. Either way, I’ll be getting the meds and the DBT now. I’m still confused though.

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Update from Psych Ward

I just got out of solitary confinement. I was 17 hours in there. Because all weekend I was figuratively assaulted and physically touched in many uncomfortable ways by a female patient who thinks she’s Jesus Christ, a personal friend of Adolf Hitler, etc. She’s terrifying everyone, especially me, and the nurse staff keep tolerating it. So on my first 3hr pass, I found the bravery to dial 911 from my…

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