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How do you deal with guilt?

A gap between two of our attitudes or behaviors can make us uncomfortable. Social psychologists call this gap “cognitive dissonance.”

One of the ways that we cope with cognitive dissonance is by trivializing the gap. We tell ourselves that the inconsistency isn’t really that important.

You may have a sense that your thoughts or behaviors have been offensive to the holy God who created you. Perhaps you’ve noticed that trivializing your bad feelings hasn’t removed the objective reality of your guilt.

The Bible doesn’t pretend guilt away. Every crime must be punished in full; otherwise, God would not be just.

Christians confess that they cannot make the payment that God’s justice requires, but that the Son of God suffered and died to satisfy God’s justice on their behalf.

Honest people admit their guilt, admit their inability to absolve their guilt, and turn instead to the Son of God for freedom from guilt and from a sinful lifestyle.

You don’t need to spend the rest of your life burdened with guilt. The Son of God is the answer—he paid the penalty for those who trust him.

Are you looking for the honest and complete solution to your guilt problem? Visit a Bible-believing church and listen to the Good News this Sunday!